Glimmerglass Girl - Holly Walrath

I got to be honest. In the past, I have read poetry and love reading it but i have never reviewed a piece or a poetry book, for that matter. This is actually my first time reviewing poetry with this book so here goes.


Glimmerglass Girl is a short collection of poems that talks about experiences of Holly Lyn Walrath through beautiful and exquisite poetry. It tackles topics such as life, love, marriage, abuse, self-harm, the body, death, and alcoholism, which people, and not just females, can relate to.


There were a few poems I liked and these poems include: In Rejoice of Kindred Grief; She Learns How to Disappear, Morning Song; Two Hundred Fifty-Seven; The Art of Loneliness; and White Matter. The book had a couple of art which I appreciated.


Although some poems seemed cryptic and confusing, they also held a pang of wonder and mystery to me which I liked. The author’s excellent use of representation and metaphors was what got me. In my opinion, using metaphors is good, especially in poetry. I just love it when writers use them because they make words (or poems, for this instance) seem more special. This book had a decent amount of metaphors inside it so that's great.


Truth be told, I just read Glimmerglass Girl because I wanted a short and quick read and that's what I got. In the end, I wanted to read more, to get more. The book is something that made me feel more half-full than half-empty. Nevertheless, i enjoyed it as a whole and am happy with the decision that I read it because I seriously missed reading poetry and this exactly did the trick.


Thank you to NetGalley for providing me a copy and to Holly Lyn Walrath for writing such powerful words and inspiring me as a person and young lady.