The City of Lost Fortunes (Crescent City #1) - Bryan Camp

Actual rating: 3.75 stars but rounded up to 4 stars!


The start of the story was okay but then things started to get crazy because someone already died and that's just the beginning of this book. During my time reading this, I got legit confused. I can’t say it's completely random but the book being disorganized is one thing and how it all still fits together is another. You really need to focus on the story when reading it. I consider its pace to be somewhere in between because it starts slow but quickens maybe a little too fast. Try to keep up but take in every single thing so that you can understand whatever is happening because there is a LOT going on.


There were some unexpected stuff happening right there. Things like profanities, betrayal, murder, etc. I never thought I'd read that in a fantasy book but I had low expectations for this book because honestly, I didn't know what to expect out of it. One thing I enjoyed was the starting bits that contain stories or info about different mythology and folklores.


The characters were great. Each one had a distinct personality and let me tell you, there were a lot of characters. I really liked the main character, Jude. He is so quirky and adorable but damn, he can be one dangerous man. I probably like him even more because of his dark humor. Another character I liked is Renaissance, Renai for short. First thing’s first, the name. It’s an unusual name but I think that it is so witty. At first, I thought she was just going to be one of those passing-by, filling-out-holes kind of characters but nooo. It gets better than that and she’s more involved in the story and gets more “screen time.” When I saw that the sequel was somehow about her, I got a little too excited so I’m going to watch out for that. Hooray for great characters!


The story went on longer than I expected but it's fine. This book actually took me a few days to continue it because I started this on the day before NYE. When I read some parts, I thought some of them were unnecessary and just made the book longer than it had to be but all-in-all, the book seemed complete and came with extra bits. The City of Lost Fortunes seemed to start out as boring and slow but became more intense as it came to the end. I would describe it as twisted, not just because of its characters but also because of its plot. I hope the sequel’s just as a sick read as the first one.


A big thanks to NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book.